6 Efficient Networking Tips for Anyone Just Starting Networking

Networking Tips for Beginners

Networking is the new buzz word – it’s everywhere these days. It used to be known by catch phrases like, “It’s not what you know – but who you know” or being part of “The Good Ol’ Boys Club”. Business-focused networking today can really be a powerful career management tool but it takes time and effort to make it effective. Amazingly, it is estimated that than 70% of jobs are being found through word of mouth – networking is vital! There are many forms of networking some are very informal and others are strategically developed for optimal outcomes. Described below are three main strategies to launch your networking plan.

1- One of the big mistakes made with networking is missing out on potential opportunities. You’ll be going to software defined networking events to meet new people and to build relationships, so it is important not to go away with a bunch of business cards and then file them in a drawer somewhere. Follow up is key.

2- Build the Know- Like-Trust Factor- Building relationships is more important than collecting massive leads. Think quality versus quantity. Add people to your list who have given you permission. Doing so without permission breaks trust. Connect deeper finding common ground, learning from each other, versus on the surface discussion about the weather.

3- Remember that everyone you meet has the potential to lead you to your target. Most people are only three to six degrees removed from the person with whom they networking houston need to connect.

4- I once worked with a guy when I was in the banking industry. He belonged to a few networking groups, and when he received a lead at one of his weekly meetings, he would come back to the office, pin the lead onto his calendar and let it sit there for three to five days.

5- Blogging is one of the most effective ways on how to earn unlimitedly online. All you got to do is to focus on a niche (your expertise) or a specific subject famous in the online world’s search engines.

6- The most important thing as you are building your business with your network marketing company is to take action. Think creatively and you will find a ton more free or inexpensive lead generation techniques. Just be persistent with your efforts. Accomplishing your goals is worth it.