5 Simple Networking Suggestions To Obtain More Clients

We have a need to be heard and a need to be listened to. We have much to say and need space and places to say it. That’s why I can’t understand why a popular social media site restricts you to 144 characters. Another provoking question; why is “being followed” so important? Anyone remember when a “follower” was considered “weak” and usually a member of a cult who was kidnapped in order to be de-programmed?

Finally, take responsibility for your actions and don’t expect it to happen overnight. All good things take time so just because you don’t see the results immediately software defined networking don’t get disheartened and don’t blame others.

If you are lucky enough to find a good group, then make a commitment and show up for at least 6 months to realize your investment. Even if you’re with ‘your people’ it takes time to build trust and find worthy referral sources.

Make sure your breath is fresh; take a pack of gum or some peppermints in your pocket and SMILE. People are far more likely to talk to you if you look happy. A big old frown will turn everybody off.

Here’s how to determine your best target market. First and most importantly, no one can do business with “anyone who breathes” or “anyone who has skin.” If that’s part of your business networking club elevator speech or introduction, you need to get much, much narrower in your description.

One of the big mistakes made with networking is missing out on potential opportunities. You’ll be going to networking events to meet new people and to build relationships, so it is important not to go away with a bunch of business cards and then file them in a drawer somewhere. Follow up is key.

The person’s motivation may not be about anything concrete, such as a good or service he thinks is vital to the deal. It may be more of a scorekeeping thing. For example, if you know about recent negotiations the person was involved with, check out the results. Did the person get networking job tips what he wanted? What he did or didn’t get from the last few deals may color how he negotiates with you.

10 Visit local LeTip or BNI networking groups, these can provide you access to other people who are big into networking. You can visit most of these groups one or more times without having to join. If you find a big enough group, then consider joining.

For the actual presentation, the fact that you have timed it and run through it will have not done any harm. No doubts you’re still going to be nervous and all the symptoms above will still be there but here’s a great tip for how to keep it in control.

Networking works best if you can make it a routine part of the way you live your life. Anyone who runs their own business understands this. Unfortunately, people with steady jobs tend not to do it so well. They therefore find that if they lose their job, they have no supporting network in place.